Did you know that there are over 42 low cost start up businesses in James Timothy White’s new book, 42 Business Under $100 Dollars?

Starting a successful business is a dream that millions of people share, yet many fail miserably at doing so. Starting a successful low cost start up business is a dream that millions of people share, yet many fail miserably at doing so. Even extremely successful executives have had countless failures in their pursuit of more power, money, and respect. Starting a successful business was never designed to be easy. You have to make it easy. Sure, it is possible for you to file the proper paperwork, get a loan from the bank, or even save up and use your own capital. You can use your life and social savvy to succeed and manage to acquire customers in whatever business opportunity you have decided to explore. You can read Rich Dad books from your local bookstore, or read some Dale Carnegie to flesh out your social business knowledge. You can ask for advice from people you trust, and come fully prepared into a world where self-sustaining income isn’t just a dream from a self-help book, but a reality.

Before you tackle all this, you have to determine if this is you. Ask yourself, is your goal respect? Money? Do you just want the top office, in the tallest building, in a massive city? If these are your goals and dreams, you may be starting a small business for the wrong reasons. I will let you decide.

Ultimately, you will need that decisiveness, that penultimate goal that will drive all your business endeavors. For some, it is obtaining a large house and a personal golf course. For others, it is obtaining financial comfort without a necessity for the grandiose. Some want to get their family through college and others simply do not want to work a “real” job.

Starting a small business in any industry is not meant to be easy. The ability to start a business and make it successful takes a certain type of person. I believe you already know who you are, and if you are reading this book, I am confident you are that type of person.

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