What about the CCIE Security Lab Exam?

The CCIE Security Lab exam is an 8 hour, practical examination that demands the candidate to install, configure, and troubleshoot various complex networks according to particular requirements. Comprehension of troubleshooting is an essential part of it and candidates must be able to diagnose and solve problems in the networking. This is not about configuring end-user systems, but the security engineer is responsible for every single device contained in the network. Cisco provides all the point values and examination criteria. You may find more details about the exam in the CCIE Security lab exam blueprint and the list of CCIE Security lab equipment on the official Cisco website.


Cisco also provides a documentation CD in the lab room, but the examination suggests the knowledge of the more contemporary and common technologies and protocols. As of March ’06, you can only navigate the documentation via the index, while the search function has been removed. No outer reference materials are allowed in the laboratory room. You have to report any supposed equipment problems to the proctor in the time of the examination. Once the exam is over, no adjustments can be made.


The CCIE Security lab exam is all about configuring multiple secure networks to provided specifications. The candidate will need to configure, troubleshoot, and maintain secure networks on this exam. It is possible to request a result reevaluation for CCIE Security lab for up to fourteen days after completing the exam. In order to do this, the candidate simply has to use the “Request for Reread” link next to their lab record. Every reread costs $250 and can be added with the costs of any applicable local taxes. Payment is processed on the web through credit card, where the card is charged after the request is received. You can’t cancel the request for reread once initiating the process. Refunds are only provided, when the outcome changes from Fail to Pass.


Rereads are made by a second proctor, who loads your configurations onto a rack, recreating the test and rescoring the whole examination. The process can take up to three weeks upon payment receipt. Candidates can see the reread results in their score reports, where their success rates can either decrease or increase. CCIE Security lab exam passing score ranges from 300 to 1,000 points. Prior to requesting a reread, take into account that only 0.3% of exams have been altered to Pass from Fail for the entire time of CCIE certifications’ existence.



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