Making a Future with CCIE Certification

We live in the world that is based on real-time technologies. Living in the 21st century, we got used to advanced technologies in almost any area. This is probably why everyone is trying to make a career in similar (or even the same) industries. If you are a matriculant or an IT faculty student, looking to make a wonderful career in the IT area, becoming a CCIE service provider is one of the best ways to follow.


Cisco is a globally recognized corporation, which offers certifications in security, networking, and a lot of other technical areas. CCIE (abbr. for Cisco Certified Internet Expert) is a widely regarded Cisco certified study plan, considered by many one of the best ways of becoming a qualified specialist in the intergatewaying area. There are seven areas included in the CCIE program, including CCIE Voice, CCIE Security, CCIE Wireless, CCIE Service Provider Operations, CCIE Storage Networking, and CCIE Routing and Switching.


Nowadays, as this technology develops at an unbelievable pace, there’s also an increasing risk of unreliability. Both rating rational property and financial data are the most significant components of any business. In order to secure proper functioning of a business, it is essential to protect these significant components. Networking industry rivals are concentrating on attacking the network with various viruses to get access to rational property and financial data. This is one of the reasons, why CCIE service providers are required in the industry.


CCIE Voice is an essential requirement in the networking industry nowadays, if one wants to become a network expert. CCIE Voice offers learning about the installation and maintenance of Voice solutions in the IP networks.


In the networking security area, CCIE security certification program is highly important. Secure networking is a service of specialists that troubleshoot, configure, and enforce Cisco networking security solutions. Students may get the virtual skills and knowledge in the networking security area through the CCIE Security certification. CCIE Security offers quite a bright future. Students get the opportunity to learn how to protect the net through various gadgets, when getting certified in this area. This also includes learning virus protection for their systems. A CCIE Security student will become an expert in advanced networking technologies, who knows how to protect networks from viruses and also be able to access the resources properly. After finishing this course, students are capable of entering the industry and starting to build a career right away.


CCIE Wireless certification is meant for those, who are successful in configuring, implementing, and maintaining wireless nets.


If you decide to become a certified CCIE Service Provider, you will learn to become an expert in the telecommunications area, becoming well-versed in infrastructures and finding proper solutions.

CCIE Storage Networking program is meant to make students true experts in finding intelligent storage solutions using multiple transport options over long distances.


CCIE Routing and Switching certification is another common need in the networking industry. Students get a chance to become experts in networking, operations, and troubleshooting, along with getting network infrastructure converging skills.


With any CCIE program, students have a chance to work with a lot of high-profile international companies. This is more than just a regular profession, but rather a job that makes future, while getting pretty nice salaries.



Some Information about CCIE Security Exams

If you’re already a recognized networking security expert, there’s probably nothing in the world that could keep you from getting the CCIE Security certification. This will be an innovative stage for your current qualification. CCIE (abbr. for Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) certification is one of the top rewards from Cisco Corporation and there are just a few specialists around the world that actually have been certified with it.


CCIE certifications are considered to indicate the top skills in the networking. Those that have been certified in CCIE Security are versed in installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of network protection. By going through CCIE Security training, candidates get the skills and qualification in the top notch network security. Since the CCIE certification is globally recognized, CCIE Security experts can look for or even get opportunities of employment in the market’s top organizations. CCIE Security not just provides theoretical network security comprehension, but as well helps to attain laboratory/hands-on experience through the use of real equipment that is used in particular situations. Therefore, CCIE Security certification is considered as one of the top Cisco certifications, upon the receipt of which the experts will be able to implement various solutions in the most complex environment.


CCIE Security Requirements


There are no particular criteria to be eligible for CCIE Security certification. Candidates must pass the written exam first and then go on to complete the lab exam, which is the hardest part of the process. If the candidate successfully passes both written and lab exams, they will receive the CCIE certification within a month or four weeks. After becoming a certified CCIE Security graduate, the candidate can use their new qualifications to improve their resume and boost their career by hitting the top positions in the multinational global companies. Below are suggested several things you might need to get the CCIE Security certification.


As it was mentioned previously, candidates must pass the written exam and then the lab exam, where completion of the written exam is a prerequisite condition for the lab examination.


Stage 1: Written Exam


The written exam is a two hour test. The exam fee is about $350 for an attempt. Candidates can access this exam on the web. Written exam is administered by Pearson VUE. This exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions. The passing score ranges from 300 to 1000 points. Just after the successful completion of the written exam, candidates are admitted to the lab exam.


Stage 2: Lab Exam


Laboratory exam continues for eight hours. Candidates must take the lab exam within 12 months after passing the written exam. If candidates don’t manage to do it within the provided term, they will have to pass the written exam once again. CCIE Security lab exam is one of the most expensive Cisco exams, costing about $1,400 per effort, including travel and lodging.




CCIE Exam Preparation Tips

CCIE is one of the widely recognized IT industry certifications and is probably the most respected of them. Sometimes, it is compared to PhD, speaking of networking. CCIE certified persons are experts in at least one networking field (often, more than one). The most widespread and, thus, the oldest is the Routing and Switching CCIE program, but there are also other tracks in the CCIE. For example, VoIP experts are certified as CCIE Voice, while network security experts get CCIE Security certifications. There are also CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Wireless, CCIE Storage Networking, and CCIE Provider Operations. Regardless of the track, one thing is always the same – the CCIE certified person has gone through some tough preparation and an even harder onsite practical test, provided by Cisco. This certification is administered by the Cisco Corporation, but is recognized and respected as a certificate of an ultimate networking talent by everyone.


This certification’s greatest value is that there are no easy ways, brain-dumps, and cheats in the process. Due to the fact that this is an onsite, practical examination that continues for eight hours, there’s no question why. Moreover, Cisco has fostered and improved their CCIE certification program almost for 30 years, since 1993. Persons with CCIE certifications bring a lot of advantages to their firms, like faster and improved access to proper support staffs within Cisco, but even more significantly, by simply being specialists everyone can rely on.


So, what does a networking expert has to do to turn into a CCIE? Here are several tips that will help you to prepare for the CCIE program and exam effectively.


Be ready to spend at least 6 to 9 months studying and working hard, both day and night. If you have an opportunity, plan to spend one month prior to your examination date on studying only.

CCIE is an expert-level certification, so a certified CCIE has to be expert in their particular field. This demands tons of reading along with practice. Take a look at Cisco’s site and products and check on Cisco Press books.

Select the CCIE track that suits you best in terms of interest and current networking experience. Remember, there are six tracks available: CCIE Voice, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Wireless, CCIE Storage Networking, and CCIE Security.

Learn, prepare, and pass the written qualification examination for the chosen track. Cisco Press has published certification guides for the majority of popular tracks and, normally, this isn’t a big issue for students. Getting well prepared for the qualification exam will compensate during laboratory preparation, since this should provide a sound theoretical base.

Choose a reliable partner for CCIE training, who has a proven methodology and track record, combined with harmonized studying solutions, which include extensive self-learning materials and classes led by an instructor for the second certification part – the all-feared CCIE lab exam.

Comprehend advanced concepts and theory related to the track you chose and start a targeted, technology-focused study by watching and listening to video and audio on demand products along with practicing your own technologies. Listening to instructions and watching videos at your comfort is a perfect CCIE preparation impetus.

Start doing multiprotocol exercises from your laboratory practice workbooks to strengthen theory, advanced technologies, and knowledge altogether.

Attend one of the classes led by the instructor to strengthen advanced knowledge. These classes are widely regarded as CCIE Boot Camps and are quite intense. They normally continue for a week and are meant to fill-in any gaps in your knowledge that are present at this preparation point.

Do advanced and the most complicated lab exercises you can to perfect troubleshooting skills and advanced knowledge. Most respected CCIE training sellers offer self-study materials of various difficulties. Both beginners and experienced engineers can easily be stunned by the complexity levels of certain material. These toughest challenges and practice lab exercises have to be executed on a later stage of your preparation process.

Attend specialized Lab Experience classes to practice taking the lab. Same as with self-study materials, there are weeks of lab experience available, where students are plunged into the most complicated practical lab works, thoroughly watched by instructors with the purpose to reproduce the real practical lab exam conducted by Cisco. These classes are invaluable at the last-stage preparation for the exam.


Follow these tips and you will be able to get prepared to becoming one of just 20,000 certified CCIE’s in the world. Sounds like a true honor, doesn’t it?



Learn More about CCIE Security Certification

What are the most significant things for healthy business functioning nowadays? While, there are several correct answers, these things can be joined into two general groups:


–          Fiscal data and

–          Intellectual property


When the Dot Com bubble first burst, a lot of businesses were hit by viruses and other attacks. Nowadays, most of these attacks are mostly concentrated on getting access to fiscal information and intellectual property. This is the reason why it is essential to have a reliable network security strategy set and running for every business.


Having a stable security plan is critical for every IT company in order to protect these two vital elements. In order to succeed in this, companies must have security engineers, who are capable of designing and controlling the execution of security practices within the company, using the latest techniques and technologies to always be one step ahead of violators, who only seek to access its financial data and intellectual property resources. Many companies, however, often overlook this protection and don’t take the situation seriously, until it’s too late.


IT security is always implemented in the network infrastructure first. Controlling accessible data, ways of access, and persons that are allowed to access it is initially controlled through the network.


How do individuals and companies know the best ways to implement security? First of all, they have to know what they have and then how to execute it. Both of these parts are attainable through the CCIE Security certification, a globally recognized networking expert preparation program. Companies that have a CCIE Security engineer employed and persons, who have spent their time to focus on achieving this certification, learn of security importance and begin to understand various aspects involved in the protection of the main business elements, which are intellectual property and fiscal data.


What does the knowledge gained through the CCIE Security certification represent? Here are several of the main principles an expert gets to learn:


–          Successful protection of the network using the advanced security equipment;

–          Successful protection of the network using the IOS firewall features;

–          Implementation of the Intrusion Prevention System for spotting network attacks prior to their occurrence;

–          Development and implementation of a secured infrastructure using VPN services and data encryption for a better company property protection;

–          Implementation of identity management to control where, to whom, and to what access is provided upon connection to the network;

–          Network equipment access security and implementation of practices meant to keep the network functioning;

–          Advanced security techniques to protect the network and resource access;

–          Detection of a threat or attack and implementation of new security policies for better network protection.


But, how does an expert get the CCIE Security certification? This is quite a simple question. Choose one of the top training organizations affiliated with Cisco. There are a lot of CCIE Security training centers out there. There are even institutes that provide CCIE training programs. The answer is simple, but be prepared for a truly grueling process of studying and a very difficult CCIE Security exam.


The Weight of the New World

Being a network engineer in today’s world is not an easy task nor is it a light responsibility. Together this fraternity of engineers forms the backbone of the world’s economy, health, survival and entertainment. Essentially, they form the core of our modern existence. In return for their invaluable service, the industry’s average remuneration package has been steadily rising. Network engineers earn anywhere from $48,000 per annum to over $100,000 depending on their location and experience.


A network engineer is required to hook up new systems as well as keep them optimally operational. They also have to keep ahead of innovation in this area and always provide full support to the development of their networks. But before they can rake in a lucrative career, they must go through the rigorous training that gets them ready to carry the weight of the networking world. It is worth, at this juncture, to note that network engineers do not face a static industry. The technology, the challenges and the environment are constantly changing. Maybe not on a daily basis, but the changes are rapid and the engineer must keep up.


The CCIE certification process is just the entry point. After that the learning never stops. That is why the initial certification is not something that should be underestimated. The CCIE Routing and Switch Lab portion of the certification involves an 8 hour practical test that will test the candidate’s ability to follow instructions, understanding of the system and the ability to diagnose and fix problems. Most people take the entire time allotted to get the task done; many find that the time is insufficient. The only way to beat the clock is to practice relentlessly before the day of the practical.


The best place to practice is off course purchasing you own system entirely and having it set up in your house or garage. It may be the best, but it is quite expensive to do it, off course once you’re done tinkering, the system can be sold, but it’s not work the hassle, especially when there are CCIE Rack Rentals available at the drop of a dime. They are not difficult to find and a simple search online will yield a long list of CCIE Service Provider options. The Cisco Racks you can get from these service providers are usually well set up and will not present any teething problems you may otherwise encounter if you purchased a system out of the box.


As an engineer in the real world it may just be worth your while to get your own system and think of it as an vestment rather than a cost. Having your own rack can get you intimately aware of the intricacies of the system and as you expand you can scale the system up and either sell it or rent it out to others. It would be a good start if you are going to set up your own CCIE SP.


Whatever it is you should penetrate this industry with both eyes fully open and with your entire heart in it. It can be exasperating to climb through the ranks but its well worth it. It is the ladder to six figure income and possibly more, in time, especially if you set up your own networking business.



Tips To Ace The CCIE

There are two parts in the certification process en route to being awarded the CCIE. It is a prestigious certification, and aside from being recognized worldwide, without exception, it is a certification process that is defined to truly acquaint the engineer with the most widely used switching and routing systems globally.


The first part of the certification test is a written exam that covers the theory. This part requires two skills only and hard work. The first skill is to be able to understand the fundamental architecture of the networking environment. Having an overview of the environment allows you to build upon that and drill down into the details of the networking architecture. After all that’s what this certification is, it’s a lot of details and networking nitty gritty.


The second part of the test is a grueling lab session. The exam itself is to be completed within 8 hours. It may seem like a lot of time, but if you know what you’re doing, that 8 ours is barely sufficient for your hands to do the walking. There is off course time for you to think of your next move, but the test is designed to evaluate just how much material you have internalized.  To overcome this there is only one solution, you must have practiced one a real rack or simulated one under all kinds of scenarios, specifications and settings. Only then will the fundamental nature and character of the system become second nature to you.


These are a few things you will need to ace your CCIE Routing and Switching Lab. First thing is to go out and get the necessary material and course outlines. Get a good understanding of what is required of you and what you should expect. Do not underestimate the work load. Next locate a cost effective CCIE Service Provider. This CCIE SP will be able to assist in getting all the materials and schedules for you. It is best to hear what they have to say and make the final determination on your own. The route to becoming an Internetwork Expert is paved with opportunities to make sound decisions and it starts right here – choosing the CCIE Rack Rentals.


These rentals provide you with the necessary practical, hands on training to get familiar with the architecture and response characteristics of the Cisco systems. The Cisco Rack will be an invaluable tool during your learning and practice stage. It will give you a good foundation to your long career. For you to adequately Pass CCIE Lab exams, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to acclimate. Do not rush into the exam – that is a sure route to failure.


The final tip to excel in the test is to use the workbook thoroughly. The information in the work book is meant to familiarize candidates with every aspect of the system. Look past the test in this scenario, and look at yourself as a certified professional on the job. Picture the real world scenarios and look at the challenges certified engineers face. Look ahead and that will help in getting accomplished as a CCIE.


What about the CCIE Security Lab Exam?

The CCIE Security Lab exam is an 8 hour, practical examination that demands the candidate to install, configure, and troubleshoot various complex networks according to particular requirements. Comprehension of troubleshooting is an essential part of it and candidates must be able to diagnose and solve problems in the networking. This is not about configuring end-user systems, but the security engineer is responsible for every single device contained in the network. Cisco provides all the point values and examination criteria. You may find more details about the exam in the CCIE Security lab exam blueprint and the list of CCIE Security lab equipment on the official Cisco website.


Cisco also provides a documentation CD in the lab room, but the examination suggests the knowledge of the more contemporary and common technologies and protocols. As of March ’06, you can only navigate the documentation via the index, while the search function has been removed. No outer reference materials are allowed in the laboratory room. You have to report any supposed equipment problems to the proctor in the time of the examination. Once the exam is over, no adjustments can be made.


The CCIE Security lab exam is all about configuring multiple secure networks to provided specifications. The candidate will need to configure, troubleshoot, and maintain secure networks on this exam. It is possible to request a result reevaluation for CCIE Security lab for up to fourteen days after completing the exam. In order to do this, the candidate simply has to use the “Request for Reread” link next to their lab record. Every reread costs $250 and can be added with the costs of any applicable local taxes. Payment is processed on the web through credit card, where the card is charged after the request is received. You can’t cancel the request for reread once initiating the process. Refunds are only provided, when the outcome changes from Fail to Pass.


Rereads are made by a second proctor, who loads your configurations onto a rack, recreating the test and rescoring the whole examination. The process can take up to three weeks upon payment receipt. Candidates can see the reread results in their score reports, where their success rates can either decrease or increase. CCIE Security lab exam passing score ranges from 300 to 1,000 points. Prior to requesting a reread, take into account that only 0.3% of exams have been altered to Pass from Fail for the entire time of CCIE certifications’ existence.